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light a candle to brighten the darkness
& wish for peace on earth


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Flickering flames of candles are mystical & enchanting.  They set the mood and allow our minds to escape.  Lighting candles for "intention" has been practiced for hundred of years. Candles help you bring your wishes to life or illuminate your heart when you are burdened. 
Tea lights, votives, pillars—we've got you covered with our line of long-lasting candles that are handmade, infused with essential oils and charged with reiki energy for specific intention.
We carry an Exclusive line of Gemstone infused candles you can't get anywhere else.   These highly scented handmade candles are for metaphysical healing purposes and are adorned genuine gemstones and crystals.  There are over 75 varieties to help you reach your highest potential and manifest your desires and goals. 
Other best sellers are our chakra energy candles that will help you balance & align your chakras, clear your pathway to spiritual enlightenment and make for physical & mental healing.
We carry unscented chimes & pillars for achieving your goals.  Strike a match & cast that magic love spell or relax with a quiet meditation.  The magic is inside you!  So whether you are burning candles with intention in mind or just want a good smelling long lasting candle ~ you've come to the bright place.  

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