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Gemstone Votive Candle Abundance

Gemstone Votive Candle

Gemstone Votive Candle

  • Triple White Sage votive candle in a clear votive holder - embedded with handpicked gemstones for manifesting a specific purpose. Choose which one works best for your needs:

    Abundance - Green Jade for attracting wealth, prosperity & good fortune.

    Aspirations - Dragon Blood Jasper increases exploration & self growth to be the best you can be.

    Awareness - Angelite to heighten awareness, encourage faith & spiritual inspiration.

    Balance - Snowflake Obsidian for balancing body, mind & spirit during chaotic times.

    Clear Visions - Iolite for sharpening your inner vision & opening your intuition.Communication -

    Lapis Lazuli for encouraging you to speak your truth.

    Concentration - Rainbow Fluorite for increasing your mental clarity & focus.

    Courage - Brown Tiger Eye for boosting your confidence & belief in ones inner fortitude.

    Creativity - Blue Aventurine for stimulating ones imagination & inner vision; great for artists.

    Dream Recall - Blue Kyanite opens mind to greater consciousness, lucid dreams & helps recall dreams.

    EMF Protection - Shungite is scientifically proven to shield against harmful EMF radiation waves.

    Emotional Healing - Rhodonite to nurture love & heal old emotional scars & wounds from past.

    Enlightenment - Yellow Jasper to give you a shining ray of enlightenment & spiritual insight.

    Feminine Energy - Rainbow Moonstone to get in touch with your inner divine feminine power.

    Fertility - Andean Pink Opal is highly recommended for balancing hormones & increasing fertility.

    Forgiveness - Blue Lace Agate for enhancing empathy, nurturing & compassion.

    Friendship - Turquoise is the ultimate stone representing friendship & healthy relationships.

    Good Luck - Green Aventurine for attracting winning energy & success in all aspects of life.

    Gratitude - Sodalite helps one open their Throat Chakra to express thankfulness & appreciation.

    Grounding - Hematite for a strong stabilizing energy for mind & body; rooting you to the earth.

    Healing - Bloodstone for physical & mental health; feelings of vitality & general good health.

    High Vibrations - Super Seven Quartz raises the energetic frequencies of your body & mind.

    Inner Wisdom - Apatite stimulates spiritual wisdom & a sense of mental clarity to trust yourself.

    Joy + Delight - Ruby Zoisite for attracting positive energy & happy vibes to your life.

    Lesson Learning - Snow Quartz for helping you let go of limitations, enabling one to learn easier.

    Let it Go - Obsidian & Howlite gives one strength to let baggage & unhealthy attachments go.

    Manifestation - Dalmatian Jasper for manifesting your desires & abundance into your life.

    Manifest Love - Rose Quartz for unconditional & love for self & others; drawing love into life.

    Money Magnet - Pyrite is ultimate money & abundance attracting stone; for career & business.

    Motivation - Carnelian for stimulating energy flow & inner strength to get things done.

    Nature Connection - Moss Agate to connect to the world below your feet & above your head.

    New Beginnings - Green Kyanite to stimulate personal growth & assist in new phases of life.

    Nurture Soul - Sugalite for those who absorb others energy; nurtures grief, sorrow; a protective shield.

    Pathfinder - Malachite for personal transformation & finding one's path on the journey of life.

    Patience - Howlite helps one to slow down, calming the mind, reducing stress & eliminating anxiety.

    Peaceful Home - Amethyst for attracting serene & tranquil vibrations to one's sacred space.

    Positive Energy - Citrine to stimulate optimism & enthusiasm in one's life & happy thought patterns.

    Prophecy - Prehnite for increasing precognition & inner clarity; called the stone of dreaming.

    Protection - Black Tourmaline for dissolving negative energies & creating a shield of protection.

    Psychic Protection - Moonstone for psychic protection from negativity from yourself & others.

    Reduce Sensitivity - Aquamarine is great for sensitive people, calming the mind & increasing courage.

    Release Past - Garnet to let go of past emotional & physical traumas & healing energies.

    Seduction - Opalite to stimulate & increase passion & sexual energy; helps form healthy bonds.

    Self Esteem - Mixed Tourmalines to gain greater self-confidence & lessen fears & inhibitions.

    Serenity - Larimar evokes calming and healing vibrations. Eminates the tranquilty of the ocean.

    Slow Down - Sunstone to help you savor the good times & slow down & live life to its fullest.

    Strength + Stamina - Red Jasper for intensifying feelings of endurance & mental confidence.

    Stress Relief - Lepidolite to release stress, anxiety, fears & depression; rid negative energy.

    Tolerance - Smoky Quartz promotes tolerance and helps one in difficult situations.

    Transformation - Labradorite to empower you to create change & make transitions smoothly.

    Trust the Universe - Kunzite helps one perceive that their place in the universe is right here-right now.

    Truth + Justice - Peacock Ore is connected to fairness, truth, equality and justice; enhances caring.

    This candle is burned for the manifestation of your desires.  Each votive is embedded with a generous amount of small tumbled or rough gemstones that are chosen for each specific purpose.  Trim wick to 1/4 inch before burning.  After burning this highly fragranced votive you will be left with a bounty of beautiful gemstones.  Just clean them with a small soft cloth and you can add them to your gemstone collection, adorn your fish bowl or potted plants...the possiblities are endless. 

    Be careful to let wax cool before removing gemstones.  Tweezers work great to pick up gemstones; be aware that hot wax can burn.  Use a blow dryer to remove stubborn wax.  Never leave a burning candle unattended .  Be smart when burning around children, pets & curtains.  

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