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awesome gemstones

love is truly in the earth

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Envision a slow dance of the elements within the earth's crust... over millions of years ~

this wild intense embracing has created a brilliant array of precious & mysterious miracles. 

Awe-inspiring & one-of-a-kind natural artworks.


Since ancient times gemstones & minerals have been sought after - not only for their unmistakable beauty but for the specific & amazing energies they contain.  These unique treasures have aided human beings for centuries.  They are thought to contain wondrous healing & protective properties.  By wearing or just possessing these radiant gemstones & minerals the transformative powers are passed directly to the individual - creating a deep mystical connection to Mother Earth.  Empowering you, inspiring you, protecting you, creating harmony & happiness in your life.  In this fast paced world, why not take time to slow down & rekindle yourself with this ancient wisdom.  Be thankful & embrace all the wondrous & amazing gifts Mother Earth has to offer us.

We have searched the world over to find many varieties & specimens of gems & crystals to aid you on your quest.

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