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Ruby Kyanite Gemstone Sphere
This beautiful Ruby Kyanite Gemstone Sphere is a natural gemstone that has been handcarved and polished to perfection. With its stunning deep red and blue hues, it is said to resonate with the energies of passion, vitality, and intuition. Each sphere is unique, and you will receive one similar to the one pictured. A free acrylic sphere stand is included with your purchase, making it easy to display and admire this gorgeous piece in your home or healing space.

Ruby Kyanite Gemstone Sphere

  • Ruby Kyanite:

    • Contains properties of Kyanite & Ruby, plus nurtures love & spiritual wisdom. Brings passion for life. Protection & clear visualization. Dispels emotional blockages and gives one the courage to speak truth for others that may be threatened. Relieves anxiety, depression & stress. Manifest dreams & desires. Enhances motivation & deepens meditation. Peaceful dreams, dream recall & dream solving. Knowledge & wealth. Curiosity Peace with self & self empowerment. Promotes compassion. Helps find voice & strength to be true to oneself. Allows one to see areas in life that need change. Breaks victimization cycles.

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