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...meaningful smoke with
a soulful purpose

& more

White Sage Smudge in abalone shell

At Crystal Connection, we are dedicated to providing you with the sacred offerings & tools you need to help you on your spiritual quest.  Incense & smudging are the mainstay of spiritual practice, the sacred smoke is used to purify & you can also use to call on the universe to manifest your desires.  Our resin incense & smudge blends are perfect for anyone seeking to spiritually cleanse their space & draw in positive energy.  The art of smudging has been practiced for centuries & our blends are crafted with care to ensure an authentic experience.  We offer many kinds of sage & smudging products ethically sourced from around the world.  We offer resin smudge sticks, smudge wands, or incense resin ~ even smudge sprays for a smokeless experience.  Each ingredient is selected or combined because its spiritual vibrations resonates at the frequency desired, just add your intentions to send the bad vibes "packing" and letting the "Good Vibes" flow! 

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