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...meaningful smoke with a soulful purpose

Send those bad vibes packing & let the good vibes flow!!

Smudging with sage has been done since ancient times.  Smudging is a way you are shifting the air

(energy-consciousness) from negative to positive.  Negative or stagnant energy can limit your growth and make you & your space feel heavy.  Think of the sacred smudging smoke like taking a cleansing spiritual shower or  sacred smoke bath in positive vibes.  Native Americans call this ritual or ceremony "releasing the spirit to the sky".  Visualize the white smoke absorbing these bad energies or vibrations - transmuting & dissipating them as the smoke floats up to the heavens - taking all that bad junk with it.  Leaving you & your space fresh & sparkling - ready for all of your positive vibes & reaching your highest potential.  Plus smudging actually changes the ions in the air, reducing stress, so there is some alchemy happening too.   

 Smudging neutralizes, discourages, clears & transforms unwanted & negative energies. It also removes anger & illness.  It is used to cleanse, brighten & purify.  Smudging will protect, sanctify & bless your home, body & objects.  Smudging is used to manifest intentions, restore balance, shift consciousness, lift spirits or

calm moods & replenish healing energies.  

We recommend smudging when moving into a new home or business, before or after guests or after being in a crowded area.  Smudging is great to perform after an argument or illness, after experiencing trauma or a radical change in your life: such as a breakup, a divorce, major weight loss, experiencing grief.  Smudging is used for ceremonial, ritual, reiki or meditational work.  Smudge whenever you feel the need.  This could be daily or weekly.  

You can never smudge too much.  

Items you will need:

smudge wand of your choice

fireproof bowl or shell 

fire source

sand  (not necessary)

feather  (not necessary)

clear mind  (totally necessary!)


Crystal Connection recommends to use Sacred White California Sage Smudge & a Sweetgrass Braid.  

Collect all your "tools".  Open the windows & doors. Sit alone in a quiet spot holding your smudge wands, breathe deeply & clear your mind of distracting thoughts. Think of the reasons why you feel the need to smudge &

what you want to happen.  Visualize these positive things actually manifesting.   

Grab the vessel (bowl or shell) you have chosen to catch the ashes as you walk around.  We recommend an abalone shell which is the traditionally used vessel of Indigenous Americans - a symbol of water & a gift from the ocean - it has the vibrations of gentleness & love.  You can line your shell or vessel with sand, but this is not necessary. Doing this dissipates the heat & protects the lining of your shell or vessel.


Grab your feather if you have chosen to use one.  Birds were considered sacred prayers messengers, therefore adding to the ceremony, but this is not necessary.  Feathers will help you promote or direct the smoke, but you can use your hand if no feather is available.    

Now light the Sacred White Sage Smudge wand - holding it over the fireproof container.  You can use your hand or feather to gently fan out the flame.  If you have trouble lighting the wand you can untie the smudge wand and gently spread out the twigs ever so slightly.  


Start by smudging yourself, slowing moving the lit smudge wand around your body, from head to toe, being sure to "wash" any areas you feel are "out of balance" or "ill".  Imagine yourself shifting & transmuting the negative energy, clearing it out, opening any blockages or removing any illness.  Make sure all ashes are falling into your vessel.

It is customary to smudge each room individually moving clockwise & starting in the East.  Start in the corners & use your feather or hand to "sweep"  out the old stagnant energy  - "shooing" the bad vibes out the windows & doors.  Visualize the smoke pulling all the bad vibrations and intertwining with the smoke.  

Imagine this negative energy floating up & out ~ releasing the negativity, illness, anger... to the spirit in the sky.

POOF! Disappearing into nothingness.   

Be mindful to get balconies and stairways, even closets.  Be sure to smudge around your bedside too.  

While smudging, feel the power of the smoke, allowing yourself also to be cleansed & healed.  Feel the presence of your Higher Self & the power of the universe as you direct the healing smoke to do as is needed.


To extinguish the smudge wand (if you want to use it again) push the lit end into the sand or tamp into your shell or vessel until it is completely out.  If using again, leave your smudge wand in a dry open container to reuse at a later time.  The drier your smudge wand is, the better it burns.  

Some folks feel to complete the ceremony that they should bury the smudge wand once it has been used in the garden for the ceremony to go full cycle.  Do what you feel is best for you.


 We recommend to start fresh with a new sage bundle for each cleansing session.  

We also recommend after a white sage ceremony to burn sweetgrass.  It is the traditional two-step process used by Native Americans - white sage: to get rid of bad vibes + sweetgrass: to draw in the wanted good vibes of peace & love.  Using the same directions as with the white sage, grab your vessel or shell & light your sweetgrass braid, smudging yourself &

each room...visualizing the sweetgrass smoke pulling in happiness & positivity.  

After this is completed close all your windows & doors sealing in all your new good vibes.

Repeat this entire process when needed.



At Crystal Connection we offer many healing tools

to clear the path & help you on your Sacred Quest.  

If you don't like the intense smell of sage smoke or are not allowed to burn in your dorm or apartment...we also offer smokeless sage sprays, white sage candles & resin infused incense sticks, which can manifest the same results with much less to no smoke.  Our sprays are a powerful, portable & potent alternative to burning.  We offer several blends.  Our eco-friendly palm wax votive candles are infused with three sage essential oils (they smell divine).  Our pure resin-on-a-stick incense is easy-to use & freshly hand-rolled in the USA.  There are many blends available too.


We also offer many kinds of Smudge wands & Smudge kits with all you need to perform a smudging ritual.  

Click here for more details & choices. We also offer loose sages & herbs plus charcoal.  The possibilities are endless.  

Use the prayer provided or you can create your own, but it is important that you smudge in peace & with an open heart.


To the East where the Sun rises.

To the North where the cold comes from.

To the West where the sun sets.

To the South where the light comes from.

To the Father Sun where I get my strength.

To the Mother Earth where I get my Peace.



May your hands be cleansed that they may create beautiful things. 

May your feet be cleansed that they take you where you most need to be. 

May your heart be cleansed that you are open to compassion. 

May your ears be cleansed that you may hear messages clearly & understand. 

May your throat be cleansed that you might speak rightly when the words are needed. 

May your eyes be cleansed that you may see the beauty of Mother Earth & the gifts of the Creator. 

May this person & this space be washed clean by the smoke of these fragrant sacred plants &

may that smoke carry your prayers spiraling to heaven. 

Few Notes:  

You can smudge outside your home & car too. Be acutely aware of dropping ashes.

 Sage has a very intense strong smoke.  It can set off fire alarms, so try not to promote too much smoke.  

Sweetgrass has a happy, sweet vanilla smell.


When smudging someone else, have them stand still with their hands at their sides & their eyes closed.  Start at the front, moving the smudge wand around their head & moving the wand from side to side until the front is covered & then proceed with their back. 


When smudging a group, have them form a circle facing you.  Start with the person to the East & move in a clockwise position.  

You can smudge objects such as jewelry, rocks, crystals, gemstones, books, journals, furniture, or photographs.  Smudge any items you have acquired, old or new, that you feel need a fresh new start in your life.  Use your intuition.

If this Native American Smudge Prayer seems too much for you that's okay too.  Play some happy music that gets you in the right frame of mind and just say the words that feel right to you.  Your words are powerful so just telling the bad energy to move on ~ you are not wanted here - can work.  Just as simple as:  I cleanse this space of all negative energies.  I invite only positive healing & loving energy into my space.


There is no right or wrong way to smudge, it is all in your intention.  


These are just our thoughts on how to smudge but recommend you always do what you feel is right or are comfortable with.  

Our motto when smudging is "You get what you give".  

Meaning, the more energy (intention) you put into your smudge wand and your home (opening windows, doors, smudging each room, etc)

the more you will get out of the smudging process.  

Have fun & Enjoy!


Remember:  the magic is within you.



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