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Fiery Wall of Protection Smudge

Fiery Wall of Protection Smudge

Fiery Wall of Protection Smudge

  • Burn for protection, boundaries or ritual, to protect you and your household from anything or anyone trying to mess with you.  Also protection against thieves and gossips, psychic attacks, curses, hexes or jinxes.  Imagine a protective wall surrounding you and your property.  Contains California White Sage & California Pepper.  

    100% pure and natural. Handpicked from plants that aid in spiritual attainment and conscious living. Botanicals are organic, ethically wildcrafted and sustainably grown to take care of and respect Mother Earth; no fillers or additives.

    Pure Plant Love & Positive Vibes! Packaged in the USA. 

    You will receive 1 bundle.

    A powerful and potent way to neutralize, transform, and clear out negative energy or bad vibes. Smudge to spiritually cleanse, purify, and protect the home, body, and objects. Raise your vibrations, restore balance and peace. Shift consciousness, uplift your spirits and replenish healing energy. These products are not magic...the magic is inside you. 

    While incense & smudging can support meditation, it is not intended to replace medical advice or common sense.  Please use caution & be resposible when burning any product. For spiritual purposes. 

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