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We've got a crystal for that!


For 36 years Crystal Connection has been a trusted local source for natural healing crystals.  We searched the world to bring you a wide array of healing gemstones and crystals that are mindfully sourced to enhance your spiritual practice and enlighten your journey.  Whether you’re new to gemstones or an seasoned crystal collector - we have something for everyone.

Our handpicked collection includes hundreds of crystals, minerals, tumbled gemstones, raw and rough stones, specimens, gemstone spheres, gemstone pyramids...we never met a crystal we didn't like.  Our selection is diverse, high quality and is carefully curated with purpose and intention.  We invite you to share our passion of gemstones and crystals, since we are collectors too. 

Because we care ~ every gemstone purchased is handpicked with you in mind.  

  Love is truly in the Earth.  We are so glad your spiritual vibrations brought you to us. 


Here's a list of our suggestions of Top Ten must have gemstones


Rose Quartz

Clear Quartz


Green Aventurine

Black Tourmaline




Red Jasper

 And because one can never have too many crystals, here is a another list of 10 more must have gemstones: 




Tiger Eye


Black Onyx

Dalmatian Jasper


Lapis Lazuli


How to choose a crystal/gemstone:

First you must determine what you are trying to manifest or achieve in your life.  If you are choosing a stone for its healing properties, for your zodiac sign or protection etc.

Then chose a couple of the same stone.  Hold the stones you are interested in - one in each hand.  Feel for tingles, warmth, chills or an overwhelming sense that it is the right stone for you.  If this happens great - that is the stone for you.  If that method does not work then go to the stone that your eye is drawn to.  This is trusting your intuition - the magic is inside of you.  

The size or shape of the crystal does not matter.  Big and outwardly beautiful is not necessarily the most powerful.  Small rough crystals can be extremely effective also.

We cleanse each stone purchase from us with Florida water.  This allows you to charge it with your positive vibes.  You can also use sage or incense to smudge your crystals.  This removes the negative energies and recharges your crystals or stones. Placing your stones near another stone like Selenite or Kyanite will also cleanse and recharge them.  

After purchasing gemstones we suggest you "program" or charge them.  This means putting your energy into the crystal and what its purpose is for you.  You can do this by sitting and holding it or by using words.  Whatever feels right to you.  Place your crystals in a place you will see them frequently or be around them.  You can put them in a bag in your purse or your pocket.  Place on a bedside table or your desk.  Hold them a couple of times a day or when you feel the need.  Just have fun.  There is no right or wrong way.  Some folks like having crystals in their life for their healing and metaphysical properties and some just like them for their beauty and brilliance.  Enjoy them however you feel comfortable.

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