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Unique Candles for Unique Individuals!  When the time is right to visit your sacred space, allow these specialty Chakra candles to enlighten the journey, bring you positive happy energy & help you reach your fullest intentions...let them helps unblock the areas that are in need. Each of these magic candles has been designed for each Chakra point using a unique blend of essential oils. Focus your intentions into the candle - visualizing your specific needs.   We wish you luck in your journey toward the light. Remember: The Magic is inside you!


Each votives burn 15-18 in proper holder.


Crown- bliss- frankincense, olibanum

Third Eye - intuition - jasmine, vetiver

Throat - expression - neroli, sage

Heart - love - rose, geranium

Solar Plexus - purpose - lavender, rosemary

Sacral - creativity - ylang-ylang, sandalwood

Root - grounding - cedar, clove

Chakra Votive Candles 7 pack

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