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About Our Candles

Flickering flames of candles are mystical & enchanting.  They set the mood and allow our minds to escape.  Lighting candles for "intention" has been practiced for hundred of years. Candles help you bring your wishes to life or illuminate your heart when you are burdened. 

Tea lights, votives, pillars—we've got you covered with our line of long-lasting candles that are handmade, infused with essential oils and charged with reiki energy for specific intention.  We carry an Exclusive line of Gemstone infused candles you can't get anywhere else.  These highly scented handmade candles are for metaphysical healing purposes and are adorned genuine gemstones and crystals.  There are over 75 varieties to help you reach your highest potential and manifest your desires and goals. Other best sellers are our chakra energy candles that will help you balance & align your chakras, clear your pathway to spiritual enlightenment and make for physical & mental healing.

We carry unscented chimes & pillars for achieving your goals.  Strike a match & cast that magic love spell or relax with a quiet meditation.  The magic is inside you!  So whether you are burning candles with intention in mind or just want a good smelling long lasting candle ~you've come to the bright place.  

Candle Tips:

Always trim your wick down to 1/4 inch before lighting your candle.

Even while burning a candle you should trim any wick that is longer than 1/4 inch down.  We call it candle gardening.    Tis prevents sooting and 

Putting your candle in a tight fitting holder will keep your furniture free from wax spillage and also you will get a stronger smelling burn.  When candles burn hot, they burn too fast and they do not emit a full fragrance because of the excessive heat.  

Keep your candles out of drafts when burning.  This causes a candle to burn faster and unevenly.

Never burn a candle close to curtains or flammable household items.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Keep candles, especially when lit, away from pets and children.

If you are left with an annoying chunk of wax at the bottom of your candle cup, place in the freezer for about 10 minutes.  This will harden the wax and you can usually pop it out with a butter knife.

When burning our gemstone candles, we recommend you remove the embedded charms (with tweezers) as soon as they have revealed themselves.  The gemstones that remain can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth.  Use a blow dryer to soften remaining wax and clean with a soft cloth.  Never stick your fingers into molten wax, use tweezers to remove any treasures will keep one from getting burned by molten wax.

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