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4 inch Chime Candle helps you get your candle magic on! 

Ignite the power of your rituals with these 4 inch x 1/2 inch pillars.

A perfect size for spiritual practice.

Amplify your intentions without fragrance distractions.

A variety of colors for you to focus soley on the intention you wish to manifest.

Crafted with precision and care for enhanced potency.

Made from premium sustainable wax for a clean and steady burn.


Enjoy a 2-2.5 hours of burn time per candle


4 inch Chime Candle

  • Green - Prosperity, growth, good luck, success & wealth

    Black - Protection, transition & banishing

    Red - Passion, action & power

    Dark Blue - Health, truth, justice & vision

    Light Blue - calming, dispeling anger & truth seeking

    Orange - Success, positivity & adaptability

    Grey - Balance, neutralize negativity & wisdom

    Yellow - Happiness, clarity & new ideas 

    Purple - Psychic power, enlightenment & meditation

    Brown - Gaia or Earth Magic, decision making & balance

    White - Protection, cleansing, new beginnings & peace

    Pink - Love, compassion & forgiveness

    Lavender - Friendship, good wishes & intimacy


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