Sea Salt - coarse

  • Coarse Sea Salt is used for cleansing & purifying crystals & gemstones*.   Salt is a powerful aid in protective magic, an absorber of psychic energy & brings domestic harmony.  Sea salt dispels negative energy & brings abundance.  Connects one with the ocean, the moon & it's cycles.


    Cleansing crystals & gemstones can be done with coarse sea salt either wet or dry.  Rinse for several minutes to overnight.  Or place directly in dry salt for several minutes to overnight.  Let intuition be your guide.  


    2 oz in resealable ziploc package.


    *Please note that some stones & crystals are soft & we do not recommend using the salt cleansing method- it may dull the finish or cause damage to some stones.  Please check before using this method.  We also recommend cleansing with Florida water & smudging with sage which we carry.  


    Our coarse sea salt is lovingly gathered by hand with no chemicals used in the process.