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About our Herbs

Various Herbs

Bewitching Botanicals - Grown by the Sun and Kissed by the Moon

Sold Exclusively at Crystal Connection 

Stock your apothecary chest with the finest selection of ritual herbs and spices.  We are dedicated to provide you healing tools from the plant world for your metaphysical & spiritual needs.  Empower your body, mind and spirit with over 200 quality dried herbs and spices from our ever growing collection.  Each herb has their own unique properties and can help you enhance your goals and manifest your intentions.  We have searched the world to find you the common and the uncommon.  We offer food grade and organic when we can.  Shop online and have them delivered right to your door.  Whether you are crafting incense or smudges, creating spiritual baths, honey jars or dressing candles, you have come to the right place on your herbal journey. 

Lovingly handpicked from plants that aid in spiritual attainment & manifestation of goals

Find the "ancient wisdom" in the spiritual healing powers of plants, spices & herbs. 

Contains organic and/or ethically & sustainably wildcrafted botanicals.  

Taking care to respect Mother Earth in the harvesting with no cheap fillers or additives.

We use trusted suppliers & all herbs are fresh (dried) & of the highest quality.

Perfect sized packaging - when you need just a pinch of this & a smidgen of that.

You'll experience Pure Plant Love & Positive Vibes in each & every bag.  

100% natural hand-picked products - Packaged in the USA.

We have an ever expanding selection of the finest exotic & hard-to-find herbs & spices.  

Sorry but we cannot ship herbs out of the United States due to custom restrictions.


A few ideas for the Metaphysical uses of herbs:

Spell work & Smudging

Burning over charcoal as spiritual incense

Using in mojo bags, poppets, dream pillows & honey jars

Dressing candles ~ drawing protective circles

Adding to herbal baths* ~ creating natural beauty products*

Raise vibrations of surrounding & self

Offerings to the Spirit Guides

*Please hit the books or browsers & educate yourself before using any of our herbs and spices.  We sell our herbs and spices for purely metaphysical purposes and do not suggest that they provide healing or cures and are not a substitute for modern day medicine.  Our herbs and spices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or malady.  Always consult a medical professional for advice about health conditions before using herbs or spices.  *Do not use if you are allergic.  We are not medical professionals & our herbs and spices are not meant for internal consumption.  Just because an herb or spice is natural does not mean it is safe, some may have harmful side effects.

Our metaphysical botanicals are sold purely for spiritual & metaphysical purposes with no directions or claims.  Our spices and herbs are for spiritual guidance so please seek professional legal advice or financial advisement or from any other field of expertise before using herbs and spices.  No outcome is guaranteed.  These statements have not been evaluated and are not backed by the Food & Drug Administration or any other scientific/governmental resource.  The information provided comes from personal experience as well as ancient wisdom gained from texts around the world.  Be smart and responsible when using any herb or spice & always use caution.  Keep any spice or herb in a labeled container & always keep out of the reach of children & pets.

Ok... now that all of that legal stuff is out of the way...Go buy yourself some herbs. 

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