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Yatra Incense by Parimal

Yatra Incense by Parimal

Yatra Incense by Parimal

  • With Yatra Incense by Parimal begin your spiritual Pilgrimage with incense. Made from rich natural ingredients that are handpicked from Indian forests. Then they are mixed and blended with pure natural fragrance oils which will calm the monkey mind, relieve the fatigued body and stir the soul. Hand-rolled, just like how it was done in ancient times.

    Unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, resins, & essential oils make this intoxicating recipe. All ingredients are purely organic & non toxic. Natural incense for a better living. Invoke the supreme forces with its stirring fragrance.

    Cones: Each pack contains 10 cones and a metal burner.

    Sticks: Each box contains 17 grams or 66 grams - your choice!

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