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Tree Agate Base Metal Capped Pendant

Tree Agate Base Metal Capped Pendant.

Genuine Gemstone Power Point is approximately 4 cm long x 1 cm across.

Complete with a 36" black cotton cord with slipknots included for easy adjustment.

Mother Earth creates all of the magnificent minerals & gorgeous gemstones.

Natural inclusions are part of their natural beauty.

This does not mean in any way they are flawed, only that they have character.

They are one-of-a-kind & no two stones are ever alike. Embrace the uniqueness that they possess :) Gemstones are all cut by human hands so there may be slight variances.

Tree Agate Base Metal Capped Pendant

  • Tree Agate:

    • Balances yin-yang energies & the physical, emotional & intellectual bodies. Stabilizes the aura by providing a cleansing effect & eliminating negativity. Promotes perceptiveness to situations, awakens one's talents, enhances creativity, helps one to overcome bitterness of the heart & eliminates anger. Provides inspiration from & a connection to the spiritual world.
    • Zodiac: Virgo
    • Chakra: 4th - Heart & 7th - Crown
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