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Great for powdered incense, loose resins & sage burning. Must be burned in a fireproof & heat resistant container lined with sand to diffuse the heat. Use tong or tweezers when lighting. Sprinkle a little of our costly resin or powdered incense (a little goes a long way) & let the magical incense smoke fill your space, lifting your spirits. calming your nerves & attracting positive energies. Each tablet burns approximately 30 minutes. Burn responsibly. Never leave unattended & keep out of the reach of pets & children.


Smudging...a powerful & potent way to neutralize, transform & clear out negative energy & bad vibes.  Smudge to spiritually cleanse, purify & protect - home, body + objects.  Raise your vibrations, restore balance & peace.  Shift consciousness, uplift your spirits & replenish healing energy.  Remember: the magic is inside you!

Three Kings Charcoal

  • 10 tablets. 33 mm. High Quality, self-lighting, solid, and organic. Use with resins, & herbs that do not self ignite.  We recommend placing charcoal bricks in a fireproof dish with a layer of sand to disperse the heat.  High quality, self lighting, solid, organic, smoke-free, odor-free long lasting coal tablets. Pack of 10. 33mm briquets. Made in Holland. Three Kings is known worldwide for their quality.

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