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Super Hit Incense by Satya is a must-have for any incense lover. As the sister scent to Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa, this incense is their second best seller. It has a sweeter, muskier fragrance with a floral top note that is both happy and enlightening. When you light this incense, you will be hit with a super awesome fragrance that will bring a sense of peace and relaxation to any space. You can never go wrong with a Satya scent, and this one is no exception. Available in a variety of sizes, stock up on this popular incense for your next meditation or yoga session. Available in a variety of sizes 10 gram, 15 gram, 40 gram, 100 gram and 250 gram boxes of export quality sticks.  Cones and back flow cones are available too.

Super Hit Incense by Satya

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