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Spiritual Sky Perfume Oil

Spiritual Sky Perfume Oils will transform your life, body, bath & environment.  These wondeful fragrance oils are super concentrated, so just a little bit will go a long, long way! Although there are no end to the applications perfume oils provide, here are a few suggestions:

  • Make your own sachets, candle scents, and potpourris.
  • Sprinkle a few drops on your car's carpet to keep it smelling fresh and clean.
  • Decorate your home with fragrance. A few drops in any room or closet will turn your home into a delightful scented garden.
  • Put a drop or two into your wash load or use on drawer liners.

Perfume oils are great for scented craft projects and personal wellness. Put a few drops into soap bars and bath salts for a wonderful, fragrant experience. Just as well, a few drops into an oil burner or aroma diffuser will enrich your home with the revitalizing scent of your choice.

Spiritual Sky Perfume Oils

    • Amber: Intensely rick musky floral with woody undertones.
    • China Rain: Intoxicating, clean & sensual.
    • Coconut: Delightful, delicious, sweet & creamy.
    • Dark Musk: Sultry, earthy & sensuous.
    • Dragon's Blood: Dark and smoldering fragrance. Dragon's Blood is a cologne-like blend of rich botanical fragrances mixed with herbs and ancient resins for a truly magical experience. Perfect way to embrace the spirit.
    • Frangipani: Otherwise known as Plumeria. Tropical, sweet, almost fruit like.
    • Honeysuckle: Soft, delicate & floral. 
    • Lavender:  Crisp, clean & calming.
    • Love: Sensual, warm & romantic.
    • Musk: A rich, leathery, spicy and woodsy aroma. Sensual and warm.
    • Nag Champa: A classical scent. Complex fragrance sporting woods and aromatics.
    • Ocean: A crisp, clean and refreshing scent.
    • Opium: A seductive blend of spices, smokey and floral notes inter-mixed with subtle fruits. Envelope your space with this light sweet oriental fragrance.
    • Patchouli: Powerful, spicy, mossy-sweet, musty scent. Earthy and exotic.
    • Patchouli-Musk: Rich, earthy, leathery, spicy, sweet and woodsy. Sensual, warm, romantic and soothing.
    • Rain: Imagine an early morning rain in a bottle.
    • Rose: Deep, sweet, floral scent. Bring the garden indoors without the thorns.
    • Sandalwood: Smooth, fresh, earthy. A sweet, woody, balsamic aroma.
    • Strawberry: Fruity, fresh and yummy.
    • Vanilla: Sweet, delicious, uplifting & carefree.
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