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Tibetan Singing Bowl and Pillow

Tibetan Singing Bowl.  Comes with a traditional wooden striker & cushion.  Cushion designs and shapes will vary.  4 x 2.5 inches.  Made in Nepal.  Great for beginners to experienced collectors.  

Tibetan Singing Bowl

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl.   Awaken your spirit & summon a peaceful vibration. The ringing of a bell strikes resonance within the human heart - the sound calls us to awareness (to live in the present moment) and helps us to recognize our priorities in this turbulent world.  Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for meditation & healing.  Great for stress, relaxation, centering, chakra balancing & ultimate goal of enlightenment. They can be played by striking the side or rubbing the rim. It produces a fascinating blend of harmonic resonances, rich overtones & helps you tune oneself to the universal sound within.  It reminds us to be here now - to live in the present moment, forgetting all the turbulence of the world around us.  Bells and Singing bowls are also typically used at the beginning and the end of a meditation session.

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