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Opalite Bse Metal Capped Pendant

Opalite Base Metal Capped Pendant. 

Capped in silver base metal.

Point is approximately 4 cm long x 1 cm across.

Complete with a 36" black cotton cord with slipknots included for easy adjustment.

(Opalite is a man-made glass stone). Regardless- it is one of our best sellers.

Opalite Base Metal Capped Pendant

  • Opalite:

    • A man-made stone made of sand & glass, containing their properties. Useful for general healing, stabilizing mood swings & overcoming fatigue. Connects one with their higher self, removes energy blockages & is beneficial for all chakras & energy meridians. Assists in transitions of all kinds, business success, communication, strength in verbalizing hidden feelings, sexual prowess & enhancing energy. 
    • Zodiac: Cancer
    • Chakra: 6th - Third Eye & 7th - Crown
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