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Mountain Sage Smudge

100% pure and natural. Handpicked from plants that aid in spiritual attainment and conscious living. Organic, ethically wildcrafted and sustainably grown botanicals to take care of and respect Mother Earth; no fillers or additives.


Pure Plant Love & Positive Vibes! Packaged in the USA.


You will receive 1 bundle.

Mountain Sage Smudge

  • Mountain Sage aids in connecting with the dream world and attaining effortless wisdom in everyday life. Also used to neutralize negative vibrations, improve sleep, as well as alleviate anxiety and stress..

    A powerful and potent way to neutralize, transform, and clear out negative energy or bad vibes. Smudge to spiritually cleanse, purify, and protect the home, body, and objects. Raise your vibrations, restore balance and peace. Shift consciousness, uplift your spirits and replenish healing energy. Remember, the magic is inside you!

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