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Magnetic Hematite Zingers

Magnetic Hematite Zingers

Magnetic Hematite Zingers

  • These way cool gemstones make a "zzzing" noise as they attract and repel each other.  

    Toss these two high-powered hematite magnets into the air! As they collide and fall, they produce a buzzing, clattering sound -- much like a Cicada or high voltage sparking. Amazing! They are also called orbs, zingers, klickers, hematite spheres or stress magnets among other names.

    Some people place them in their pockets (at hip level -- or in their rear pants' pockets) and receive magnetic therapy for their lower back and hips!

    And you can massage with them or roll them in your hands for stress release. You can also use them as a refrigerator magnet.  Sphere-shaped magnets are 25mm each -- one pair.


    WARNING: Keep away from small children. DO NOT place in mouth! If swallowed can cause choking, serious or fatal injuries. Keep away from Wearers of a PACEMAKER, DEFIBRILLATOR, INSULIN PUMP or OTHER IMPLANTED ELECTRO-MEDICAL DEVICE.

    If you're Pregnant, we recommend you consult your Physician.

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