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Goddess Lakshmi Sequin Tapestry

Vibrant, versatile, and ready to adorn a wall or ceiling. Enchant a couch, transform a chair, or liven up a table. Tapestries immediately give a cozy, mesmerizing feeling to any room. Tapestries can help you beautify and express your style to the world. These elaborate, exotic works of art are constructed from 100% soft, light to medium weight handwoven or powerloom cotton. Our tapestries are made by Human Hands in India - please accept any imperfections. Sizes & colors may vary slightly.

Adorned with hand-sewn gold sequins. 

Goddess Lakshmi Sequin Tapestry

  • This stunning Goddess Lakshmi Sequin Tapestry will add a focal point to your walls to balance your space and draw in positive vibes.

    The Goddess Lakshmi represents wealth, good health, and good fortune. Here, she sits upin a lotus flower with elephants behind her, representing good fortune and good luck, respectively. 

    43 x 30 inches

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