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Buddha Sequin Tapestry

Buddha Sequin Tapestry

Buddha Sequin Tapestry

  • Embrace the peaceful and serene presence of Buddha with our stunning sequin tapestry. This vibrant and versatile tapestry is ready to adorn any wall adding a touch of spirituality to any space. Constructed from 100% soft, light cotton, each tapestry is carefully made by Human Hands in India, so please accept any imperfections as part of its unique charm. Please note that sizes and colors may vary slightly, adding to the individuality of each piece. Small loops at each corner make for easy hanging, and the tapestry is adorned with hand-sewn sequins for an extra touch of sparkle and beauty. Add this beautiful Buddha sequin tapestry to your collection of metaphysical gifts and bring a sense of calm and tranquility to any room.

    This gorgeous Buddha Sequin Tapestry will add a focal point to your walls to guide you on your spiritual journey and draw in relaxing vibes.

    The Buddha guides us on the path to spiritual enlightenment. Once enlightened, we can end the cycle of death and rebirth and finally reach Nirvana. 

    43 x 30 inches

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