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Bloodstone Sphere

Bloodstone Gemstone Sphere 

Bloodstone Gemstone Sphere

  • The Bloodstone Gemstone Sphere is an exquisite piece that has been hand carved and polished to perfection, measuring between 40-55mm in size. Crafted from genuine gemstone, this sphere is known for its powerful healing properties which promote courage and centering. Its unique blend of deep green and red hues make it a stunning addition to any collection or as a gift for a loved one. Bring the energy of the earth into your space with this magnificent Bloodstone Gemstone Sphere.  Each sphere is unique and will be similar in color and size to the one pictured here. Purchase this beauty today and receive a free acrylic display stand to showcase the beauty of this stunning gemstone.

    Also known as Heliotrope, a stone of healing, courage, centering, and grounding. Helps one to be in the here and now, and brings love to self, relationships, and friendships. Increases wisdom, vitality, strength, decision making, insight, meditation, love, renewal, clarity, guidance and intuition. Union with the divine, divine dreams, and personal power. Removes energy blockages, increases connection with ancestors, inspires honesty and integrity. Helps one to overcome distress and anxiety.

    Zodiac- Aries, Pisces, Scorpio, Libra

    Chakra- 1st-Root, 2nd-Sacral

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