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Black Sage Mugwort Smudge

Black Sage Mugwort Smudge is 100% pure and natural. Handpicked from plants that aid in spiritual attainment and conscious living. Botanicals are organic, ethically wildcrafted and sustainably grown to take care of and respect Mother Earth; no fillers or additives.


Pure Plant Love & Positive Vibes! Packaged in the USA. 


You will receive 1 bundle.

Black Sage Mugwort Smudge

  • Considered to be a stronger alternative to white sage.  Revered for its ability to ease depression & enhance dreams. Has a sweet, pleasing smell. Black sage is a powerful, potent way to neutralize, discourage & transform unwanted negative energies or bad vibes. Smudge to spiritually cleanse, purify, and protect the home, body, and objects, to clear sacred areas or healing spaces. Raise your vibrations, restore balance and peace.  Shift consciousness, uplift your spirits and replenish healing energy.

    Use with our smudging feather to direct smoke & our beautiful abalone shells for collecting the hot ashes that may fall. Sustainably farm grown in California. It is lovingly harvested by hand with prayer & cotton-bound in a good way with no chemicals or synthetics used ~ ever!

    Always burn in peace & with an open heart.

    Remember, the magic is inside you!  


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