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About Our Jewelry

At Crystal Connection our handpicked jewelry is perfect for those with a bohemian spirit. Our stunning selection of jewelry is designed to show off your unique style and individuality.  Whether you are looking for a simple everyday piece or one combined with spiritually conscious gemstones - we are sure you will find the perfect piece that speaks to you. Beautiful, functional and constructed with the utmost care and quality, our jewelry is made to stand the test of time.   We carry Sterling Silver and more.  We are thrilled you found us!  Embrace your free spirit & let it shine with our Amazing Jewelry!  New items are being added almost daily.

We recommend to never ever dip a piece of sterling jewelry.  It is harsh on the sterling and compromises the glue or solder that holds stones into their settings.  In some cases it will eat out the oxidation that was intentionally added to make details stand out on a piece or make the piece looked aged.  Once this oxidation has been removed by dipping, it can never be repaired.  Over time, dipping silver will breakdown your sterling and cause pitting on the surface which will irrevocably harm the finish and actually make your piece oxidize faster.  Some stones do not take kindly to being dipped and may lose their luster or even begin to break down after being dipped.  Commercial dips can be fatal if inhaled.  Yikes!  Never use toothpaste or homemade concoctions on your silver. 

We recommend using a Sunshine Cloth available for sale on our site.  It is what we use on all of our pieces to give them their shining beauty.  It is safe for all silver, stones & the environment. 


Great tips: 

Storing silver in airtight bags keeps it from tarnishing.

Always remove your jewelry before doing household cleaning (especially bleach), working out, bathing & swimming. 

Wearing your silver daily actually helps and prevents it from tarnishing.  

Check your stones and settings frequently for looseness.  

If you treat your jewelry with kindness, it will enlighten and inspire you for many generations. 

Jewelry Care

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