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About Our Incense

Welcome to Crystal Connection, a one-stop destination for all your incense needs.  Get Ready to raise your vibrations and take your meditation practice to the next level with our premium quality incense.  Carefully crafted aromas to promote spiritual well being and help you relieve stress and tensions.  Illuminate your home or workspace with the healing and transformative power of fragrance.  Explore our wide variety of scents designed to ignite and enlighten your spiritual journey.  Whether you prefer sticks, cones or resins you can now order online now and find the perfect match.  Use daily to cultivate a sense of peace and stillness with every burn.  Happy people burn incense! 


When lighting incense always blow out the flame for it to burn correctly.  

Proper and safe burning requires an incense holder.

Keep burning incense away from furniture, curtains, children and pets.

Never leave burning incense unattended.

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