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Welcome to our Online Crystal Shop

Crystal Connection is the premier trusted online source for all things Crystal and Gemstone.  

We have been enlightening the body, mind and soul of those on their spiritual journey for 35 years. 

Our extensive assemblage of amazing gemstones and crystals are of the highest quality and many are one-of-a-kind.  

We are collectors ourselves & truly devoted to searching the world over for unique metaphysical gemstone and crystal varieties.  


We have a treasure trove of spiritually conscious gemstone and crystal jewelry from all over the world. 

Each piece is hand-picked for it's unique beauty and healing properties.  You will also find thoughtful & meaningful gifts,

a large selection of healing candles, inspiring incense and sacred sages. Something for everyone!

Whether you’re looking to add crystals to your collection or enhance your spiritual practice with healing stones, you have found your "Happy Place".

We have something for everyone of all ages.  Explore our online Crystal Shop and enjoy the best the gemstones and crystals Mother Nature has to offer.

Love is truly in the Earth.

We have been a local crystal & gemstone destination for those lucky enough to shop inside our walls.   

Now we are accessible through our website anytime. 

We have super-fast shipping and are adding new items daily so always check back to see what's new.  Let us "Rock" you!

Orders ship within 1 business day ~ Personally Hand-Picked Gemstones & Jewelry ~ Something for Everyone
Shop Amethyst Druzy Crystal Specimens and many more at Crystal Connection ...can be purchased at our online shop.

shop  gemstones

Premium Quality Incense Sticks


 Shop for amazing sterling jewelry & metaphysical healing gemstone jewelry online at Crystal Connection.

shop amazing

Reiki Specialty Candles, Gemstone Infused Candles & many more varities of candles for metaphysical healing.


Shop for Nepalese Prayer Flags and spiritual gifts from the Far East and Beyond.

shop good karma gifts

Colorful Indian Tapestry and Hippie Home decor online at Crystal Connection.

shop hippie

Shop online for sacred healing smudges and resin at our online shop or stop by.

shop sacred offerings

 Metaphysical Healing Herbs and spices for all your spiritual needs.
Perfume & Essential Oils for healing and spiritual purposes.
Tarot & Oracle Cards for clearing & understanding your spiritual path.  Find the answers you seek.

shop oracle cards+ more

Specialty Gemstone Boxes can be purchased online only.  Have them delivered to your door or stop by to pick up.
Closed Mondays.  Open Tues-Sat 11-6 Sun 1-5
Over 250 varieties of gemstone and crystals for spiritual inspiration.  Shop online or stop by.



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