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About our Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries; there are records of their use by Babylonian physicians as early as 5000 BC, Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine from 2000 BC.  The Romans, Greeks, & the Hebrews have texts speaking of their usage.   There are also Biblical passages that speak of their usage.

Essential oils are highly concentrated & potent, mildly antiseptic, volatile, aromatic liquid essences of plants that have the plant's characteristics, properties & aromas. These plant extracts are natural pure plant essence that have been distilled from the plant, bark, roots, stems, seeds, rhizomes, flowers, leaves, heartwood & fruits. They are believed to carry the "essence" - the soul or life blood of the plant.  Even though they are called "oils" they actually are not oily. 

It takes at least one pound of plant material to create one drop of essential oil. For some oils ~ it takes much more. This explains the price of some essential oils.

Our essential oils are used for aromatherapy & skin health.  Essential oils contain natural aromatic substance's direct from Mother Earth.  They also contain natural vitamins, antioxidants, antibiotics & antiseptics that deliver positive, wellness benefits to calm, relax, soothe & revitalize - both the body & the soul.

The 100% pure, undiluted high grade essential oils we carry are earth-friendly & often times sustainably produced, cultivated & wild harvested from plants around the world. Our oils are packaged in glass bottles to help maintain their properties.  They can last for several years if capped tightly & kept in the proper conditions.  Room temperatures, cool dark areas or even refrigeration are suggested storage methods.  Our oils are dispensed by weight.  The density & weight of oils vary ~ some thicker oils such as myrrh, vetiver & sandalwood oils bottles won't be filled like other oils such as orange, lavender or tea tree.

Please read our disclaimers about our essential oils carefully before purchasing them. 

Please hit the books or browsers & educate yourself before using any of our essential oils.  We are not medical professionals & do not suggest that they are a substitute for modern day medicine.  We do not encourage self-medication.  Always consult a medical professional for advice about all health conditions before using essential oils.  These oils are not a substitute for professional medical advice or specific medical treatments.  Always consult the advice of your physician to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Never disregard medical advice or delay seeking medical advice because of any information you have read on our website.  If you have a medical condition and are taking any medication or undergoing any type of medical treatment you should check with your doctor and a qualified aromatherapist to ensure that it is safe to use aromatherapy or essential oils in conjunction with your prescribed treatment.  


Just because an essential oil is natural does not mean it is safe, some may have harmful side effects.  These statements have not been evaluated and are not backed by the Food & Drug Administration or any other scientific/governmental resource.  Essential oil should never be ingested or internally consumed.  External use only.   Essential oils have the capacity to cause serious damage if taken internally.  They are for topical application only.  They are highly concentrated & should be used with respect.  Use common sense when applying them to yourself or others.  Do not use if you are allergic.  We recommend you test a small area of skin before use.


The information provided comes from personal experience as well as ancient wisdom and empirical folk knowledge gained from texts around the world & we make no representations to its accuracy.  We will not be liable for any errors in content provided or for any actions taken in reliance to such content.  Be smart & responsible when using any essential oil & always use caution.

 Keep all essential oils in labeled containers & always keep out of the reach of children & pets.  Pregnant women should never use essential oils.  For some individuals the use of essential oils may cause skin irritation and sensitivities so we recommend that you use a carrier oil to dilute essential oils before applying them to the skin.  Most citrus oils, can be photo toxic.  Avoid these oils for at least 6 hours before exposure to the sunlight, they can increase skin pigmentation.  Always use a high SPF sunscreen if using essentials oils.  Never over-use essentials oils.  Never use essential oils in the eyes, mouth or mucus membranes.  

Like Buddha said - "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason & your own common sense.

That said ~ we are not responsible for the use or misuse of any essential oil purchased from us. The user is responsible for making fully informed decisions about using essentials oils on their or on someone else's body.  We believe in the power of these oils but strongly urge you to educate yourself on these wonderful gifts of nature before you apply their wellness qualities to your life & your body. No outcome is guaranteed & we provide no directions or claims. 

Ok... now that all of that legal stuff is out of the way...Go buy yourself some essential oils. 

Since oils are used on the skin - all sales of oils are FINAL.  Sorry there are absolutely no returns on essential, spiritual or perfume oils.

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