Astrology is the key to self knowledge.  Attune yourself to your horoscope sign & align yourself with the cosmos.  Burn these zodiac specific incense to find your potential & channel & focus your positive energy.  Your destiny was written in the stars! 


Each pack contains 16 super powerful highly fragrant hand-dipped sticks designed for each sign. 
Our exclusive incense line - you can't get anywhere else.  Artisan crafted in small batches in USA with premium oils, costly resins & woods.  Always fresh!

Even if you aren't focusing on your zodiac signs these aroma wands will uplift your spirit & open your mind.


Incense - Zodiac Series

  • Contains 16 fragrance wands

  • Aquarius: Friendly, independant, open minded, original

    Aries: Courage, bold, optimistic, and honest

    Cancer: Determined, ambitious, patient, profound

    Capricorn: Determined, amitious, patient, profound

    Gemini: Logical, versatile, intellectual, spontaneous

    Leo: Generous, organized, creative, dominant

    Libra: Romantic, aesthetic, diplomatic, charming

    Pisces: Sensitive, compassionate, selfless, creative

    Sagittarius: Sincere, dependable, philisophical, optimistic

    Scorpio: Resourceful, passionate, determined, creative

    Taurus: Persistant, affectionate, reliable

    Virgo: Modest, meticulous, humerous, sincere