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Unblocker Specialty Incense Resin

Call forth a powerful unblocking spell.  Meant to clear out and unblock things from the past that are holding you back.  Opens the door for happiness, prosperity & luck. 

Unblocker Specialty Incense Resin

  • A special recipe of costly resin.   Remember, the magic is inside you!

    For thousand of years incense has been a sacred element of worship in all religions. Using charcoal is the most ancient form of burning pure raw incense. Resins can be burned whole, crushed with a mortar & pestle & blended with other herbs, flowers or resins to make your own special recipe. Will not ignite by itself so use our Three Kings brand charcoal bricks. A little goes a long way. Use a fire safe burner. 100% pure raw resin ethically harvested sap from ancient trees. 

    50 gr of specialty resin

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