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Unakite Sphere

 Unakite Sphere

Unakite Sphere

  • The Unakite Sphere is a natural, handcarved and polished sphere that exudes calming and grounding energy. Made from a combination of green epidote, pink feldspar, and quartz, this gemstone sphere promotes emotional balance and spiritual growth. Each sphere comes with a free acrylic sphere stand, making it perfect for display in your home or office. Add this beautiful piece to your gemstone collection and experience the healing properties of Unakite.  Please note that each Gemstone Sphere is unique, so your order will be similar in color and size to the one pictured here. Free acrylic display stand with purchase.


    • Contains Feldspar, Clear Quartz, & Green Epidote. Properties of these plus enhances visions, spiritual & emotional alignment, & facilitates re-birthing process. Helps release blockages holding back from growth & healing. Promotes psychic vision, serenity, optimism, nurturing love, compassion & kindness. Lifts spirits when one is down & helps release deep emotional trauma perpetuating negative behaviors. Aids in healthy relationships in love & business, bringing success & longevity. Calming stone, helps with overcoming stress & addictions. Removes toxins & increases vitality. Promotes peaceful sleep. 

    • Zodiac: Scorpio

    • Chakras: Third Eye & Heart

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