One tumbled gemstone similar in size and color.  Due to the nature of our products each piece is unique, therefore it varies in shape and size. Stones you will receive are close approximations. Each tumbled gemstone comes with an information card with the metaphysical properties, it's cleansed with florida water, great to carry or for medicine bags popular for meditation, reiki, gridwork, healing. Collect them all!!

Topaz Tumbled Gemstone

  • Known as the stone of true love and success in all endeavors. Warming stone, brings inspiration, inner peace, tranquility, awakening, and self-expression. Stimulates creativity and psychic protection. Aids in confidence in trusting one's decisions and replaces negativity with love and joyfulness. Helps one cut through doubt and release feelings of annoyance caused by doubt. Good stone for manifestation. 

    Zodiac: Sagittarius

    Chakra: 4th- Heart