3 x 4 inch - 10 to a strand

4 x 5 inch - 10 to a strand

7 x 6 inch - 10 to a strand

6 x 9 inch - 20 to a strand

Prayer flags are said to bring happiness, long life & prosperity to the flag planter & to those in the vicinity. They purify negativity, bring harmony, bless a space, bring compassion, wisdom & protection. They symbolize peace, hope, courage, spiritual health & divine goodness. They emanate positive spiritual vibrations protecting beings from harm & bringing peace & harmony to everything touched by the wind. Imported from Tibet.  

Tibetan Prayer Flags

  • Can be hung indoors to increase the spiritual atmosphere, also hung outdoors where the wind can carry the prayers off the cloth & disperse their message, moving in the wind generates a natural positive energy. There is no simpler way to create peace & love in this troubled world than to put up prayer flags for the benefit of others. By doing this we create more kindness for ourselves & other beings. Place your prayers, hopes & aspirations into the flags before hanging. For special events or occasions you can write names, birthdays or anniversaries on the flags before flying. Every time you look at the flags, let them gently remind you to open your heart & mind & to continue to send out your own prayers for world peace, kindness & generosity. May they encourage us to live more mindfully & help us restore our inner calm. A more peaceful world begins within our own hearts. As you do so, you shall be enlightened and you will receive many blessings. When they fray or discolor, burn to release last of the blessings & hang renewed ones up. Since these are sacred please keep them off the ground or floor. Designs will vary from Windhorse, Tara & Buddha.