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Tibetan Compassion Bell   Mallet +Dorje

Tibetan Compassion Bell + Mallet +Dorje.  Awaken your spirit & summon a peaceful vibration.  The ringing of a bell strikes resonance within the human heart - the sound calls us to awareness (to live in the present moment) and helps us to recognize our priorities in this turbulent world.  Compassion Bells are used for meditation, clearing, healing, alignment, and balancing auric fields.   Bells are typically used at the beginning & end of meditation.  Can use just like a singing bowl by rubbing the mallet around the rim.  The fascinating sounds it produces gets one in touch with the universal sound within.  The dorje is a tool that is held in the right hand to represent knowledge and truth.  Each comes with wooden mallet striker and Dorje.    Approx. 5 inches tall.   

This is a handmade item so designs may vary slightly from picture.  

Tibetan Compassion Bell Mallet +Dorje

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