Each comes with wooden mallet striker.  Awaken your spirit & summon a peaceful vibration, strikes resonance with the human heart, calls us to awareness, to recognize our priorities in this turbulent world, used for meditation, clearing, healing & alignment, balancing auric fields, used at the beginning & end of meditation.

Tibetan Compassion Bell + Dorje +Mallet

  • Tibetan bells symbolize Buddha's voice calling for the protection of heavenly deities or higher spiritual essences. The sound of the bell equals the sound of the Dharma, which is the cosmic order of things in the universe. The gentle ring of the bell serves to focus attention or pulling yourself away from past concerns, helping one to control the ever wandering mind, & leading us toward truth. The sound of the bell also removes all negative energies. The sound rises, radiates & dissolves back into emptiness. They help us on our spiritual path & our quest for enlightenment, wisdom & compassion. Prayers usually begin with the sound of the bell. However some ring the bell when entering a temple or home or before beginning rituals or meditation.