Approximately 24inch hand-harvested braid. 
Purifies, cleanses, clears negative energy & spiritual protection.  Native American smudging prayer included ~ Crystal Connection's gift to you.

sweetgrass braid

  • Also called Grandmother Sweetgrass, Seneca grass, holy grass & vanilla grass. This very special herb's sweet vanilla-like scent. Used to purify & protect. Use after a California sacred white sage smudging, sweetgrass attracts the good positive energies back into your environment. Sweetgrass is sustainably farm grown in the Northwest, USA. It is lovingly hand-picked with prayer & braided in a good way with help by the Native Elder Grandmothers. Sweetgrass braids can be lit & waved around, a process called smudging, letting the purifying smoke spread through the air. Sweetgrass can also be unbraided or trimmed with scissors into small pieces & sprinkled on hot charcoal tablets. Allow sacred smoke to wash over the subject of the blessing. Use a smudging feather if you need to direct or promote the sacred smoke. Abalone shells work great to catch the falling hot ashes or hold your charcoaol bricks. Always burn in peace & with an open heart.
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