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Sunstone Gemstone Bracelet with a stretchy band that adjusts to fit most wrist sizes.

You choose the size of beads from 4mm, 6mm & 8mm.  Available in 8mm oversize.

Hand-crafted by superior skilled artisians, which makes each item unique & individual.

Due to the nature of real gemstones, each handmade bracelet will have natural variations in color, shapes & appearance.  Such characteristics are not considered flaws, but enhance the uniqueness & beauty of every piece.

Sunstone Gemstone Bracelet

  • Sunstone:

    • High vibrational stone that attracts good luck, abundance & prosperity. Promotes independence, leadership, self-healing, happiness, joy & positivity. Provides protection, alleviates fearfulness & increases vitality & strength. Brings the heart's wisdom into alignment with the mind's inspiration & awakens cosmic consciousness/higher levels of intuition. Makes one open to receive blessings, increases self-worth, helps one say no & relieves depression & stress. 

    • Zodiac: Libra, Aries & Virgo

    • Chakras: All

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