20 gram.  Export quality premium hand~rolled charcoal sticks. 


satya fruit blend series

select fragrance below:
  • Another series by Satya Sai Baba. 6 fruity choices. apple ~ typical, fresh, radiant, sweet, luscious & woody banana ~ mild, very fresh & green, fruit & peel soothing coconut ~ natural fruity sophisticated note, tender sweetness orange ~ very powerful, zesty ,fresh, delicate sweet & tangy pineapple ~ juicy, strong, spicy, refreshes mind & body raspberry ~ natural, fruity, juicy, revitalizing fragrance Special purchase so the price reflects this. Don't be alarmed if the boxes arrive a little rough, but like fruit... what matters is what's on the inside. Right? You will not be disappointed incense is "not bruised" & flavors are ripe for the burning!
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