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Sandesh Indian Incense

Sandesh Indian Incense 

Sandesh Indian Incense

  • Introducing the Sandesh Indian Incense, perfect for those seeking a pure and soothing fragrance to enhance their meditation and spiritual practices. These hand-rolled sticks are made with premium quality ingredients sourced from India, ensuring a high-quality product. Each 20 gram box contains a collection of scents that will instantly transport you to a tranquil state of mind, perfect for calming the senses and uplifting the soul. Experience the power of Sandesh Natural Indian incense and elevate your spiritual journey today.

  • Art of India - Culture, Art and Heritage

    Holy Amber - Cleansing the mind, body and spirit

    Holy Arruda - Powerful cleansing, purifying and good fortune

    Holy Incense - Spiritual, uplifting and meditation

    Indian Cinnamon - Happiness, harmony and good health

    Indian Jasmine - Good relationships, love and money

    Indian Miracle - Luck, healing, wish magic and money spells

    Indian Musk - Aura to embrace positivity

    Indian Myrrh - Calming, earthing and balancing

    Indian Sandalwood - Prayer, worship and healing

    Lavender - Elegance, refinement and luxury (good sleep)

    Nag Champa - Prosperity, wisdom and dreams

    Native Palo Santo - Healing, strength, and spirituality

    Native White Sage - Attract positive energies


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