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Sacred White Elephant Tapestry

Sacred White Elephant Tapestry is a vibrant way to adorn a wall or ceiling. Enchant a couch, transform a chair, or liven up a table. Use as a luxurious bedspread, a dazzling room divider, or a hypnotic backdrop. Tapestries immediately give a cozy, mesmerizing feeling to any room. Picnics, beach excursions, and music festivals are just a few more brilliant ways tapestries can help you beautify and express your style to the world. These elaborate, exotic works of art are functional and durable, so don't be afraid to put them to use. Constructed from 100% soft, light to medium weight handwoven or powerloom cotton. Our tapestries are made by Human Hands in India - please accept any imperfections. Sizes & colors may vary slightly. 

Sacred White Elephant Tapestry

  • This stunning Sacred White Elephant Tapestry will ground your energy and draw in good fortune. 

    Elephants symbolize strength, royalty, patience, longevity, and protection. They teach us the importance of communication, commitment, and gentlenesss, and draw in good luck. 

    135 x 220 cm

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