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Natural Gemstone.

Handcarved & Polished Sphere.

Free acrylic sphere stand included with purchase.

You will receive one sphere similar to the one pictured.


Ruby Kyanite Gemstone Sphere

  • Ruby Kyanite:

    • Contains properties of Kyanite & Ruby, plus nurtures love & spiritual wisdom. Brings passion for life. Protection & clear visualization. Dispels emotional blockages and gives one the courage to speak truth for others that may be threatened. Relieves anxiety, depression & stress. Manifest dreams & desires. Enhances motivation & deepens meditation. Peaceful dreams, dream recall & dream solving. Knowledge & wealth. Curiosity Peace with self & self empowerment. Promotes compassion. Helps find voice & strength to be true to oneself. Allows one to see areas in life that need change. Breaks victimization cycles.

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