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Round Selenite Bowl
This beautiful round Selenite bowl is the perfect addition to any crystal collection. Hand carved and made with genuine Selenite, this bowl is perfect for recharging your gemstones and crystals, or for storing your favorite rings and trinkets. Each bowl is unique and handmade, so the appearance will vary, making each one a one-of-a-kind piece. With a diameter of 2.5 - 3 inches, this Selenite bowl is the perfect size for displaying your favorite stones or for keeping your jewelry organized. Add a touch of metaphysical energy to your home with this stunning Selenite bowl.

Round Selenite Bowl

  • Selenite:

    • High vibrational crystal. Cleanses, clears, charges one's aura & other crystals & minerals - never needs cleansing. Cuts through the unconscious, expanding awareness of self & surroundings. Promotes meditation, connection with higher self, access to past lives. Brings light down from higher realms & facilitates contact with divine. Aids in flexibility of one's nature, helps one see inner workings & deeper meanings of situations. Brings clarity, understanding & insight. Strength in decision-making. Reduces reservations, inhibitions & helps one leave their comfort zone. Helps one find life direction. Prosperity. Helps one be less judgemental. Do not get wet.

    • Zodiac: Taurus

    • Chakra: 6th - Third Eye & 7th - Crown

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