Rosemary creates an environment that is safe & more sacred. Attracts positive energy & harmony. Removes negative & stagnant energy. Used for its physical healing properties, energizing & physically detoxifying, cleansing/purifying home & sacred items or self. Used for protection - attracts the guardian spirit & chases away the bad spirits, clearing energy for a safe space.

rosemary whole smudge

  • Juniper Smudge bundles can be lit & waved around, a process called smudging, letting the purifying smoke spread through the air. The smoke attaches itself to the negative energy & removes it to another space. Juniper Smudge bundles can also be unbound or trimmed with scissors into small pieces & sprinkled on hot charcoal tablets. You may also use a smudging feather if you need to direct or promote the sacred smoke. Abalone shells work well if you are walking & smudging a large area. They collect hot ashes that may fall. Responsibly wildcrafted in Pacific Northwest coastal wild lands. It is lovingly hand-picked & harvested with prayer & cotton-bound in a good way with no chemicals or synthetics used-ever! Enjoy! . Always burn in peace & with an open heart. Allow sacred smoke to wash over the subject of the blessing. Burn juniper while praying sends prayers up to the Creator in the smoke. Abalone shell sold separately.
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