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Reiki Incense Sticks by Goloka

Reiki Incense Sticks by Goloka

Reiki Incense Sticks by Goloka

  • Discover a new level of relaxation and healing with the Reiki Incense Sticks by Goloka. Made from a unique blend of natural ingredients including rare herbs, flowers, honey, resins, and oils, these incense sticks are free from toxic materials. Hand-rolled in India, each stick emits a pure fragrance that gently wafts into your life, bringing peace, devotion, and wonderful creation. Whether you use them for meditation, aromatherapy, or just to create a calming atmosphere, the Reiki Incense Sticks by Goloka offer a safe and natural experience that will enhance your spiritual journey.

    Each box contains 15 grams.


  • Reiki is the universal life energy. Spiritual consciousness & all-knowing, it is the breath, life force of the vital radiant energy. Experience the oneness with the Divine Self. Light these special incenses & experience bliss.

    Cho Ku Rei: Healing

    Dai Ko Myo: Enlightenment

    Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen: Timelessnes

    Raku: Grounding

    Sei Hei Ki: Purification

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