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Sandalwood Resin

Incense Powder - Loose

Incense Powder - Loose

  • Experience the original way of burning incense with our Loose Incense Powder. This pure incense powder is reminiscent of olden times when incense was burned without any wood involved. The loose powder is easy to use, simply sprinkle a pinch on a charcoal brick (sold separately), and enjoy the pure aromatic experience. Each resealable ziploc bag contains one half ounce of loose incense powder, perfect for those who love a more traditional and authentic way of burning incense. Try it out and transport yourself to a time when incense was a sacred and spiritual experience.

    Harmony Blend: burn to attract peace & harmony to your sacred space

    Nag Champa: Nag Champa scent in a sandalwood base - burn for serenity

    Prosperity Blend: burn to empower your prosperity spells

    Dark Sandalwood: burn for calming, focus, courage & protection

    Indian Sandalwood: burn for love, protection & healing

    Red Sandalwood: burn to reduce anxiety & increase peace, uplifting & love

    Always burn in peace & with an open heart.

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