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Namaste India Incense Sticks

Namaste India Incense 

Namaste India Incense

  • Namaste India Incense is the perfect choice for those seeking peace, positivity, and spiritual cleansing. This incense is part of the Namaste India Series by Orkay Incense and is made from 100% natural ingredients, including herbs, spices, gums, and barks with essential oils. You can enjoy this non-toxic and environmentally-friendly incense which is hand-rolled in India with no animal by products. With its delightful fragrance, Namaste India Incense is a must-have for anyone who loves to create a relaxing and spiritual ambiance in their space.

    Each box contains 15 grams.

    Good Fortune - Geranium & Myrrh

    Money Drawing - Tulips with Tea Rose

    Mysore Sandal - Soft & Powdery Sandalwood

    Nag Champa - From the Champaka flower- top seller!

    Purify the House - Amber with Sweet Musk

    Rose with Vanilla - Fresh Rose with a hint of Sweet Vanilla

    Sandal with Cinnamon - Sandalwood with a hint of Cinnamon

    White Copal - White Copal resin on a masala base

    White Sage - Masala Sandalwood Base with Sweet White Sage

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