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100% pure and natural. Handpicked from plants that aid in spiritual attainment and conscious living. Organic, ethically wildcrafted and sustainably grown botanicals to take care of and respect Mother Earth; no fillers or additives.


Pure Plant Love & Positive Vibes! Packaged in the USA. 


You will receive 1 bundle.

Open Roads + Unblocking Smudge

  • White Sage, Lavender Flower, Pinion Pine and Orange slice will make way for opening roads to new paths of opportunity & unblocking obstacles that are holding you back.  White Sage removes all negative vibes.  Lavender promotes peace and draws in the positive vibes.  Pinion Pine is considered a spiritual cleanser and helps removes stagnant energy to unblock your path.  Orange awakens the senses & promotes clarity of mind for you to see the new roads aheads.  What a magical combo smudge!  Limited quantities.  

    Remember, the magic is inside you!

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