Black Onyx Specialty Gemstone Bracelet with stretchy band that adjust to fit most wrist sizes. You choose the size of beads from 4mm, 6mm & 8mm. Available in 8mm oversize.

Hand-crafted by superior skilled artisians which makes each item unique & individual. Due to the nature of real gemstones, each handmade bracelet will have natural variations in color, shapes & appearance. Such characteristics are not considered flaws but enhance the uniqueness & beauty of every piece.



Onyx - Black Specialty Gemstone Bracelet

  • Chakra is the seven energy points in the body. When they become blocked, the body responds with illness or unbalance. They can be cleared by placing healing stones in the corresponding areas. These are the gemstones that are used for each chakra.

    7th: Crown - Amethyst

    6th: Third Eye - Celestite

    5th: Throat -  Lapis Lazuli

    4th: Heart - Jade Green

    3rd: Solar Plexus - Citrine

    2nd: Sacral - Carnelian

    1st: Root - Red Jasper


    Black Onyx adds overall protection, centering, alignment & self-control.  It banishes grief, stress, negative energies & confusion.  Helps one become more aware of opportunities and becoming the master of their future.