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Nandita Perfume Oils

Nandita Perfume Oils 

Nandita Perfume Oils

  • Only the finest ingredients, Nandita Perfume Oils are perfect for those seeking a natural and spiritual fragrance. These oils adapt to your unique body chemistry, creating a personalized and long-lasting scent that will carry you throughout your day. The dropper lid allows for easy application, while the versatility of the oil allows for it to be used in a variety of ways, including in an aroma burner, bath water, or mixed with a carrier oil for a relaxing massage. Experience the divine aroma of Nandita Perfume Oils and elevate your senses to a higher level. 1/3 ounce in roll on bottle.

    Amber-uplifts & great for anxiety. fresh, clean & exotic.

    Attar-mysterious & precious fragrance.

    Bakur-mysterious & precious fragrance. light, sweet & powdery.

    Celestial-promotes gentleness & peace, emotional healing.

    Chandan-purity, serenity, & wholeness. earthy, rich & woodsy.

    Erotic-sexy & aphrodisiac scent.

    Essence of India-tropical scent to heal & uplift.

    Exotic-stimulating & attracting.

    Frankincense-warming, calming & great for meditating.

    Herbalina-deep tranquility & earthy aroma.

    Kohinour-unique, peace & serenity.

    Lavender-soothing, relaxing & purifying.

    Musk-peace, happiness  & well being.

    Nag Champa-spiritual energy & mental clarity.

    Oriental-sensual fragrance that calms & soothes. flowery & warm.

    Oudh-mysterious precious fragrance & aids in meditation.

    Passion-specially formulated exotic scent that stimulates your senses.

    Patchouli-most popular for its uplifting & rejuvenating qualities. 

    Patchouli Amber-uplifts, balances, & general anxiety.

    Patchouli Lavender-soothing, relaxing & purifying.

    Patchouli Musk-happines , peace & sense of well being. 

    Patchouli Nag Champa-preserves spiritual energy, enhances meditation & mental clarity.

    Patchouli Sandalwood-releases stress, soothes irritation, lifts depression, aids in meditation & spiritual growth.

    Patchouli Vanilla-helps one stay centered & calm, uplifts spirit & puts one at ease.

    Sandal-sandalwood, relaxes stress, soothes irritation & lifts depression.

    Super Natural-creates pure bliss.

    Valentine-warm sweet fragrance, creates sexual atmosphere.

    Vanilla- centering & calming, uplifts spirit.


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